Questions & Activities

Keep your family engaged in the messages from God’s word each week through these conversational questions and fun family activities.

November Family Questions & Activity

Family Questions: Each week as a family, read the passage being preached on before you attend a weekend service. November 7-8  “Dangerous Decisions”  Daniel 6:1-28 November 14-15 “Kingdom Conflict”  Daniel 7:1-28 November 21-22 “Power Encounter”  Daniel 8:1-27 November 28-29 “Prayer and Prophecy” Daniel 9:1-27

October Family Questions & Activities

October Family Questions: Each week as a family, read the passage being preached on before you attend a weekend service. October 3-4  “The Daniel Diet”  Daniel 1:1-21 October 10-11 “Interpreting Dreams”  Daniel 2:1-49 October 17-18 “Feeling the Heat”  Daniel 3:1-20 October 24-25 “Personal Crisis” Daniel 4:1-37 Ask the following questions after reading each passage as …

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July Family Questions & Activities

Each year in July, we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in the United States of America.  Our businesses close and we pause to reflect on those who serve and have fought to keep us free.  We celebrate with parades, songs, ceremonies, parties and big fireworks displays. We declare, “Let Freedom Ring!” And while this is good, fun …

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June Family Questions & Activity

Family Devotion : Psalms of Ascent Summer usually means family travel. Family travel usually means LOTS of time together. In a car.  LOTS of time together in a car usually means irritation. Seriously though, many families look forward to summer for trips and memories, and often find themselves in the throes of sinful reactions as they …

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May Questions & Activities

Raising Faith Heroes — Family Devotions All kids, and even most adults, have heroes. People they look up to, try to learn from and try to imitate. Heroes can be a great thing when they are pointing us in the right direction. In fact, they can truly shape who we are and change the course …

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April Questions & Activities

Family Study: Read Hebrews 10:19-25 as a Family.  Have everyone in your family read along in their Bibles. 1.  How we do we get washed clean from our sins? 2.  How many times do you see “let us” in these verses and what do they say we should do? 3.  How can you as a …

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March Questions & Activity

FAMILY TIME TOOLS HEBREWS – Family Study Read Hebrews 8:10-12 together. If you have more than one child that can read, look up these verses and have them read them to the family in various Bible translations. Talk about any variations in word choices. Ask: 1. The Bible says God will put His laws in …

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