Next Steps Blog

Stonebridge is a family of people who are helping each other take next steps with Jesus

Embracing the Impossible

If you’re trusting in just one percent of your human effort, or goodness, you’ll never be able to have peace with God

Roger’s Repertoire

The Lord hadn’t sent me a registered letter, but even a dense worship leader like me couldn’t have missed That Voice

The Fear that Delivers Wisdom

Have you ever faced a challenge or big decision and thought, “This would be so much easier if God would just send me a letter with the answer” ?  We all have…

Are You Making the Right Choice?

Even with the best intentions we’re going to make decisions we regret. But praise God there’s Someone who never failed to make the right choice. His name is Jesus

How to Be Good at Life

Look for Jesus in the pages of Proverbs and you will find Him and you will get wisdom!

What’s Your 100%?

This day, may you remember your Creator and the one who gave His life so that we may find our identify in the great I AM

Are You a Multiplier?

Sometimes we think we don’t have much to offer. But in the hands of Jesus a little becomes a lot