Sermon Notes

Wonderful Counselor

The name of ‘Wonderful Counselor’ is a declaration of Jesus’ unique qualification as ultimate ruler

Anchor in the Storm

God’s mission to proclaim the good news of Jesus is unstoppable, so share it!

Accused But Bold

We are called to present the gospel to political leaders and invite them to believe


The Gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, and we can eagerly and cheerfully live it and share it

Setbacks and Setups

When others misunderstand our faith in Christ, we can still share Jesus without fear

He Hears Your Cry

Give glory to our King daily and enjoy Him forever! #stonebridgelife

I Need Guidance

God can be trusted to teach us, deliver us, and lead us by His Spirit as we walk in Christ #stonebridgelife

God is Amazing

When we know who God is, we want what he wants! #stonebridgelife

God is Not Dead

When we know God, we learn to trust and worship him alone #stonebridgelife