Weekend Messages

One Faith. One Cause

The church is one family, united by the gospel and for the gospel’s advance

The Victory of Jesus

Jesus accomplishes his victory as king not by coming down from the cross or avoiding death, but by enduring death and rising victoriously over it

Who Killed Jesus?

Though all humanity bears the guilt of Jesus’ death, he gave his life in willing obedience to his Father to bring us back to God

Q & A With Jesus

Jesus exposes hypocritical spirituality but exalts the humble

What Do You Want From Jesus?

True greatness in Jesus’ kingdom is not being exalted or exalting oneself, but trusting him and following the pattern of his cross

Seeing Jesus

Embrace Jesus and follow him through the suffering to the glory

Does Jesus Care How We Live?

Legalism and license are both superficial, man-centered, and empty; true obedience is anchored in grace, empowered by the Spirit, and comes from the heart

How Powerful is Jesus?

Jesus is powerful enough to ultimately overcome unbelief and opposition, either through judgment or revelation