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We grieve with the people in Texas and surrounding areas over the damage and loss due to recent flooding.  We encourage everyone to continue to lift up this situation in prayer.  In addition, we invite all who wish to give to relief efforts to consider donating to the groups who are already set-up with emergency …


Roger’s Repertoire

by Pastor Phil Christensen I knew what God wanted. The Lord hadn’t sent me a registered letter, but even a dense worship leader like me couldn’t have missed That Voice. Like Jonah, I understood what God was saying, but didn’t like what I heard. He wanted the congregation to sing a hymn called “In the …

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What’s In Your Storage?

by Kirsten Poggenklass “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11 Have you ever considered how much you are storing in your heart?  How do things penetrate our lives and take up residence inside us? What value are these things bringing to our lives? Growing up, …

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How to Be Good at Life

by Pastor Robin Tyner I think all of us would agree we lack wisdom and could use more of it. The Bible says God is the source of wisdom and He’s willing to give it, but we need to go get it. So our goal this summer is to “Get Wisdom!” We have begun a 12 week …

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What’s Your 100%?

by Ryan Eckhoff As is my weekday pattern during the school-year, I was driving our family’s celestial blue minivan to daycare with our four year old and 8 month old girls in the back strapped into their car seats.  As I listened to the same musical tones over and over again coming from a toy …

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