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Two Unlikely Witnesses

September 23, 2018

God’s Conversion of SAUL Acts 9:1-31
God’s Conversion of PETER Acts 9:32-10:48
Jesus changes HEARTS (be hopeful)
Jesus uses the UNLIKELY (be helpful)
Jesus extends GRACE (be merciful)
Jesus commands PROCLAMATION (be faithful)
Discussion Guide:

MAIN IDEA: Jesus saves the unlikely, the weak, and the outcast, and gives His servants the mission of extending them grace.


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures?

Share your story of faith – how did God show you grace and mercy through the lives of others? Why is it important to see ourselves as called to the mission of proclaiming His grace? 


Read Acts 9-10 : What are the similarities between the conversions of Paul and Cornelius? What are the similarities in the attitudes/responses of Ananias and Peter?

Read Acts 9:15-16 – What was God’s purpose in saving Saul? Read Acts 9:31 – What was the effect of Saul’s conversion on the church at this time?

Read Acts 10:28 – what major lesson did Peter learn through his experience with Cornelius? Read Acts 10:45-48 – What was the effect of Cornelius’ ‘conversion’ on the church?


In what ways do our lives sometimes reflect Ananias or Peter? Do we struggle to extend grace to those groups of people we may be skeptical of? What is the answer to our issues of racism, nationalism, or social elitism?

Peter says Jesus ‘ordered’ them to preach and testify of Jesus. In what ways do we try to get out of this command? How does hospitality present us with opportunities to preach the Gospel to others?

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