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Supernatural Events

September 30, 2018

1.    Cross Cultural (11:19)

2.    Evangelism (11:20 – 21)

3.    Teaching (11:22-26)

4.    Spiritual Gifts (11:27-28)

5.    Generosity (11:29-30)

6.    Opposition (12)

7.    Prayer (12:5; 12:12)

8.    Power (12:6-11; 20-23)

9.    Mission (12:24-25)

Discussion Guide:

MAIN IDEA: God has a plan for the expansion of His church, and it is more powerful than we could imagine.  


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures?

How does our Western-cultured upbringing impact the way we view ‘church?’ In what ways have we moved away from the pattern for the church from the book of Acts? In what ways is there continuity?


Read Acts 11:19-26 : What was God’s plan in scattering His people? How did that contribute to the spread of Christianity? What is encouraging about the spreading of the Gospel from Jews to Gentiles? Why did Barnabas recruit Saul for help?

Read Acts 11:27-30 – What was the response of the church to the prophesied famine? How does this pattern of generosity repeatedly show up in Acts? Why is this important?

Read Acts 12:1-19 – What was the effect of opposition/persecution on the church? What do we make of the angelic rescue of Peter from prison? Why is it vital to understand God’s use of spiritual intervention on behalf of His people?

Read Acts 12:20-25 – The term ‘Christian’ was a political term given to believers because of their emphasis of the Kingship of Jesus. How does God vindicate His true kingship in this passage? What is the importance of verse 24?


In what ways are we walking in the pattern that God has given to His church for growth and mission? In what ways are we ‘missing out?’

The book of Acts does not shy away from declaring that we are not living unaffected by the ‘unseen’. Why are we often hesitant to acknowledge God’s supernatural intervention?

How can Christians live in a way that displays our allegiance to Jesus as King? What might this cost us? What might be the benefits?

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