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Power and Persecution

September 2, 2018

Christ comes with HEALING power and brings opportunity (Acts 3:1-26)

  • The lame leap for joy! (Acts 3:1-10)
  • We get an opportunity to brag on Jesus (Acts 3:11-26)

Persecution is to be EXPECTED (Acts 4:1-37; John 15:18-10)

    When we are rejected, how do we respond?

  • We TALK ABOUT JESUS (Acts 4:1-22)
  • We PRAY FOR BOLDNESS (Acts 4:23-31)

What is my next step?

Discussion Guide:

Main Idea: Share Jesus even when rejected because setbacks are setups for God’s greater work.


Have you ever witnessed a surprising miracle? Why would you call it miraculous? Share your experience with your group.

Read Acts 3:1-10. What did the man ask of Peter? What did Peter give him instead? How did the man respond when healed? Why did Peter and John heal him, rather than give him money?


Read Acts 3:11-26. What happened when others saw the man leaping for joy? To whom did Peter give the credit? How did Peter describe Jesus (3:13-15, 22)? Summarize Peter’s main points in this message (write on a white board). Do we share any guilt for the death of Jesus? Why or why not?

Read Acts 4:1-22. Why were the priests and Sadducees upset? Why is it difficult for people today to accept Christ’s resurrection even with the historical evidence available? What did the authorities observe in the disciples (4:13-18) and how did Peter respond to their warning (4:19-20)?

Read Acts 4:23-36. Rather than be discouraged or intimidated, how did the disciples respond? What do they pray that God will do (4:23-31)? What things characterize their life together (4:32-36)?


How do Jesus words in John 14:12-14 give us insight into Acts 3:1-10? Should we expect miracles like this today? Why or why not?

In Acts 3:11-26 and 4:8-12 Peter tailored his speech for his audience. What parts of Peter’s message about Jesus will be helpful to you as you witness to your friends and family?

Why should we not be surprised when rejected for sharing Christ (Acts 4:1-22; John 15:18-20)? How can we find the boldness these disciples had (4:19, 23-31)?

ASSIGNMENT: Read Acts 4:32-36 together. How is this similar to Acts 2:42-47? How is it different? Is this a model we should follow today? What steps can we take to better care for our Stonebridge family members and those in our 52404-zip code? Ask Christ’s Spirt to help you and your group live like Barnabas (Acts 4:36-37) in the ministry of encouragement and generosity.

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