Busyness — Is it a Badge of Honor?

by Melissa Hoyt

Everyone is busy.  I’m busy, you’re busy….but do we use our busyness at times as an excuse to not do what God has called us to do in life or in our families?

I frequently visit the Jason Johnson Blog and this particular post digs into the right kind of busy, choosing yes, challenging yourself, and how Jesus is better than anything else.  He says:

          “It’s not me, we say, it’s my busyness that is preventing me from really engaging my neighbors, pursuing my dreams, plugging into my church or really giving myself over to worthwhile things I’m passionate about – things we would most certainly do if life just weren’t so crazy busy all the time.”

As I read through this blog post, I am convicted of my own use of my time and needing to reflect on what I fill my time with.

Am I filling my time with things that matter or not?

How does God want me to use my time to do things that matter to Him?

If I truly think about this, my focus will be different. I won’t be focused on how busy I am, but instead I’ll be focused on choosing how God wants me to spend my time.  Johnson speaks directly to making time for fostering and adopting, but the principles go beyond that, asking what is it that God is calling us to do with our time.  Check out the full blog post HERE and ask God if you are filling your time with what matters to Him or not!


Extra!  Extra! 

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