Bread For Life

Advent Week 1

This weekend we begin our Advent Series. The “I AM” statements of Jesus are essentials for a growing disciple. By learning them we find our security and significance, not in the people around us, but in our relationship with Christ. Take a walk in John’s Gospel and enjoy a deeper relationship with the One who loves us.

December 9/10 “Bread for Life” Read: John 6:23-40

Main Idea: Faith in Christ begins a life of continual nourishment in Jesus.


What are some of the “American Idols” people worship today? What are you seeing in the news or online which illustrates the things in which people try to find satisfaction?

Read Romans 6:25-35. Jesus ignores the questions people are asking and addresses the needs of their hearts. What is wrong with what people are seeking from Jesus? What is the relationship between “work” and “believing” (6:27-29)?


Read John 6:36-51. What are some reasons for why we are unable to enjoy the soul nourishment of the Bread of Life?

When Jesus said, “I am the Bread of Life”, he gave the first of seven “I am” claims. Look up other “I am” statements (John 8:12; 10:7-9; 10:11-14; 11:25; 14:6; 15:1). What do you learn about Jesus’ identity?

Who gets the credit for your responding to the gospel in faith (John 6:37-40)? How does John 6:44 give us more insight into what we call the “new birth”?


Read John 6:52-59. What is Jesus saying in John 6:56? If Jesus is not speaking literally of eating his flesh and drinking his blood, what does it really mean? How do we apply it to daily life?

Why is grumbling and complaining a serious matter with God (John 6:41, 61)? Read Numbers 11:1-10 and 14:1-12 out loud with your group. How are these NT and OT passages related?

Assignment: Randy mentioned three possible ways to get started in a daily meal with Jesus. Which one do you currently practice? Which one would you like to begin? Who can help hold you accountable for following through on this daily time with Jesus? Who can you invite to enjoy the meal with you?

What’s Happening:

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