• Have you ever faced a challenge or big decision and thought, “This would be so much easier if God would just send me a letter with the answer” ?  We all have. Well, the good news is… He has!

  • Why is it when someone says our name we instantly perk up and pay more attention? I know when someone remembers and uses my name, I feel respected and valued...

  • Have you ever realized how often Jesus spent time by himself? Throughout the Gospels we constantly see Jesus getting away from the crowds to spend time with the Father in a quiet place

  • We are a nation of talkers. And yet, do we understand the power of our words? In a culture dominated by the abundance of text messages, tweets, and status updates, it’s clear we’re in desperate need to have a biblical understanding of the power of our words...

  • If you’re a born again Christian, then you have a unique and powerful story to share how Christ has changed your life

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