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Light For the World

Advent Week 2

The “I AM” statements of Jesus are essentials for a growing disciple. By learning them we find our security and significance, not in the people around us, but in our relationship with Christ. Take a walk in John’s Gospel and enjoy a deeper relationship with the One who loves us.

ReadJohn 8:12-30

MAIN IDEA: Jesus, Light of the World, reveals God’s nature, reveals the darkness of our sin, and reveals a life pleasing to God.


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures?

Share a time you were in complete darkness. How does it feel when there is no light? Have you ever been scared of the dark?


Read John 8:12 – 20. What is the importance of Jesus’ statement ‘I am the light of the world,’ at this particular time and place? The treasury would have been the location of great lamps meant to remind the people of the fire that guided Israel by night in the wilderness. What is the irony of this situation?

Read John 1:1-18. What does this passage tell us about who Jesus is? What is astounding about verse 10? How do the Pharisees respond to Jesus’ claim to be the light of the world in John 8:13-19. What was the barrier to the Jews believing that Jesus was the messiah?

Read John 3:19-21. What is the reason we are given that people will not acknowledge Jesus as Lord? What is the cause of refusing to come to Jesus? Is it a lack of information, or something much deeper?


Read through John 9 briefly. What happened after Jesus declared himself to be the light of the world? What is the importance of this story of a man having his blindness removed? Has Jesus given you the ability to see? What was the response of the man who was given sight? How does this challenge us?

‘Light’ is not only a title for Jesus, but a descriptor of how disciples are to live. Read the following passages:

  • Romans 13:12
  • Ephesians 5:8
  • 1 Thess. 5:5
  • 1 Peter 2:9

What is the biblical expectation of those who come to know ‘The Light of the World’ in a saving way? What does it look like for Christians to ‘live as light’ in this world of darkness?

Read 1 John 1:5-10 – What does it mean to ‘walk in the light?’ Does it mean that Christians no longer sin? How does walking in the light help us overcome the power of sin?

What’s Happening

Christmas Eve Services at 3 & 5 PM
Enjoy carols, readings and a visit from the infamous King Herod!

To reach more people with the good news of Christ, Stonebridge Church is live streaming the message portion of our services every Sunday morning. Tune in at 11:05A  []

Bread For Life

Advent Week 1

This weekend we begin our Advent Series. The “I AM” statements of Jesus are essentials for a growing disciple. By learning them we find our security and significance, not in the people around us, but in our relationship with Christ. Take a walk in John’s Gospel and enjoy a deeper relationship with the One who loves us.

December 9/10 “Bread for Life” Read: John 6:23-40

Main Idea: Faith in Christ begins a life of continual nourishment in Jesus.


What are some of the “American Idols” people worship today? What are you seeing in the news or online which illustrates the things in which people try to find satisfaction?

Read Romans 6:25-35. Jesus ignores the questions people are asking and addresses the needs of their hearts. What is wrong with what people are seeking from Jesus? What is the relationship between “work” and “believing” (6:27-29)?


Read John 6:36-51. What are some reasons for why we are unable to enjoy the soul nourishment of the Bread of Life?

When Jesus said, “I am the Bread of Life”, he gave the first of seven “I am” claims. Look up other “I am” statements (John 8:12; 10:7-9; 10:11-14; 11:25; 14:6; 15:1). What do you learn about Jesus’ identity?

Who gets the credit for your responding to the gospel in faith (John 6:37-40)? How does John 6:44 give us more insight into what we call the “new birth”?


Read John 6:52-59. What is Jesus saying in John 6:56? If Jesus is not speaking literally of eating his flesh and drinking his blood, what does it really mean? How do we apply it to daily life?

Why is grumbling and complaining a serious matter with God (John 6:41, 61)? Read Numbers 11:1-10 and 14:1-12 out loud with your group. How are these NT and OT passages related?

Assignment: Randy mentioned three possible ways to get started in a daily meal with Jesus. Which one do you currently practice? Which one would you like to begin? Who can help hold you accountable for following through on this daily time with Jesus? Who can you invite to enjoy the meal with you?

What’s Happening:

Christmas Eve Services at 3 & 5 PM
Enjoy carols, readings and a visit from the infamous King Herod!

To reach more people with the good news of Christ, Stonebridge Church is live streaming the message portion of our services every Sunday morning. Tune in at 11:05A  []

Our Gift to God

Join us this weekend for our final message in Romans “God’s Expanding Grace” We will see why God’s plan is amazing in its scope and its impact, provoking our worship!

Read: Romans 11:33-36

Main Idea: Worship is our response to the God of mercy, wisdom and knowledge!


What are your expectations of worship? How would you define what worship is? How did this message clarify your thinking, or even correct some misconceptions?

How does Romans 9-11 change your view of the Jewish people?


Review Romans 11:11-32 from last week. Have you ever felt prideful about your salvation (11:18) or even that God was blessed by you becoming a Christian (11:19)? What is the danger of thinking we deserve God’s grace (11:20-21)?

How have you been “wise in your own sight” (Rom. 11:25)?

How might Romans 11:29 give you confidence in God’s Word when you feel insecure?


Paul concludes Romans 9-11 with a hymn of praise (11:33-36). What has made him so thrilled about God at the end?

In what ways have you seen the beauty of God’s grace in the lives of others?

Assignment: Meditate on the truths of Romans 9-11. Let them lead you to praise God for his character and his works. Think about the fact that “worship is our response to God’s revelation.” How will thinking deeply about God and knowing him better change the way you view worship on a daily basis and with the assembled congregation on weekends?

Next Week: ADVENT SERIES – “I AM” The claims of Jesus activate our spiritual growth for in them Jesus reveals his deity and power. Knowing him makes us more secure, trusting him rather than people or circumstances.

Ever had to miss church and wish you could have been there?  Have a friend you want to invite who is hesitant to step foot into a church? Suffering from a long term illness and can’t attend? We want to help.

To reach more people with the good news of Christ, Stonebridge Church is live streaming the message portion of our services every Sunday morning. Tune in at 11:05A ~ the replay is available hourly throughout the week [Watch Online]

Christmas 2017

Christmas evokes so many feelings. Some good, some not so good. Whether you feel joy, gladness and peace or experience sadness, loneliness, or anxiety, one thing is true for all —

There is Hope.

Jesus welcomes us into His family where we belong. This Christmas we invite you to come celebrate the birth of Jesus and experience the hope of being part of His family at Stonebridge Church.

Christmas Weekend on December 23 & 24 our regular services will be Saturday at 5 PM & Sunday at 10 AM

Christmas Eve Services on Sunday will be at 3 & 5 PM

Don’t Give Up Hope

We’ve been studying the book of Romans in the Bible for the past year.  It was written by Paul, and you know what?  He felt the same way many of you do when you look at your lost loved ones or you remember how those people have hurt you deeply in the past.  Paul was a Jew.  But when he became a Christian, all of his Jewish friends and family rejected him.  They even tried to kill him several times.  This was very painful to Paul.  What was most painful for him was the fact that these Jewish brothers and sisters did not believe in Jesus and therefore were facing eternal judgment.  In chapters 9 and 10, Paul writes very emotionally, “I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart…my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Jews is that they may be saved.”  Oh, how many of us in feel this same pang of grief for our lost loved ones.

But there is good news in this grief.  In spite of the hurt these loved ones have caused by their rejection of Christ…and in spite of the hurt they have caused by their sin, sometimes directly against us, we have much to be thankful for.  In fact, Paul argues in Romans chapter 11 that we can be thankful for the very sin of these loved ones!

Don’t give up hope:  Your lost loved ones may have rejected Christ for many years, but there is still hope.  God overcame severe hardness in both Jews and Gentiles.  He can overcome the hardness of your loved one’s heart. Continue to ask the Lord for their salvation.

“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.  To Him be glory forever.  Amen!”

Read Romans 11:11-32

Sermon Outline:

If you were blessed with saving grace because of the sins of others, imagine the blessings to come if they receive Christ! (11:11-16)

Don’t be arrogant toward Jews or other lost people, for your faith is simply a gift of God’s kindness (11:17-24)

Only our amazing God can use sin to bring about salvation for all His people! (11:25-32)

Recommended Resource:  Spectacular Sins by John Piper. Get one at the Welcome Desk!

Discussion Guide for Romans 11:11-32

BIG IDEA: God will save Israel and all His elect people…even through sin and disobedience.


What are the common viewpoints in popular culture concerning Israel?  Which one do you tend to favor?  

Did you come to know Jesus through trials and suffering that others brought upon you? Briefly share your story.  


Read Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8; 11:19-21; 13:42-52; 18:1-6.  How did God ensure the Jewish Christians would complete the Great Commission to reach all nations (11:11-12)?

Why do we tend toward pride in our status as saved believers in Christ?  Why is this pride so contrary to the message of the gospel and dangerous when one bases their salvation on a high view of themselves (11:22-23)?

How can it be that God uses sin to bring about salvation (11:32)?  Can you think of accounts in Scripture where this is the case?  (hints:  Genesis 3:14-15; Exodus 6:7; 14:17-18; Acts 2:23-24/Isaiah 53:10)


What are some ways you might have become proud of being a Christian in a way that does not exalt Christ but rather your status compared to unbelievers and Jews?  What should we do when we find these feelings in our hearts? (1 John 1:9)

Have you gotten discouraged waiting on your loved ones to come to Christ?  Don’t give up hope!  How has Paul’s reminder that even the seemingly “most lost” (i.e., unbelieving, but elect Jews) will come to Christ one day and the fact that God uses even great sin and disobedience to show His greater mercy, give you hope?


Reflect this week on the sufferings you have encountered in life because of the sins of others, as well as on the ways in which you have turned your back on Christ.  Then recount how God has used these dark spots in your life to shine the light of Christ’s mercy in and through your life. Write a personal prayer of Thanksgiving to God. Share this with your friends in LIFE Group.  

Surprises of Heaven

“Knowing everything in advance, God has the advantage of seeing the end from the beginning, and with this knowledge His determining of the final outcome is certain.” Stuart Briscoe, Romans

Discussion Guide for Romans 11:1-10

Main Idea: In heaven, we will be surprised at who is there…and who is not there!


Do you know people who have grown up in a Christian home, studied the Bible or attended church regularly that now are hardened against Christ? Do you have an idea of why they walked away?
Read Romans 11:1-10. How is the problem of 11:1 similar to the one in Romans 9:6? How does the example of Paul’s life begin to answer this question?


Read Romans 11:1-6. What does God’s gracious “foreknowledge” mean? How does the Apostle Paul contrast our “works” with God’s “grace in Romans 11:5-6?
How does Elijah (11:2-5) remind us of why some unexpected people are followers of Jesus Christ? Read Elijah’s story in 1 Kings 19. Why did he feel alone? How did God help him through his discouragement?
Read Romans 11:7-10. How can we understand “hardening” based on the Old Testament quotations in this section? How does Romans 10:1 help me with my response to those who appear “hardened”?


Are there people you think are beyond God’s reach? Are you ever tempted to think that even God has given up on them? How can you correct this mistaken attitude?
Why do we often get “used to” the unbelief of people we know? Why might we stop grieving over their hardened hearts? How can this passage help us not give up on them?


Does the gospel still apply to Jewish people? Is it right to try to win them (or Muslims and Hindus) to Christ? Do a web search for Christian organizations or Messianic Churches that reach out to Jewish people. Report to your LIFE group what you learn about these devoted believers.

Thanksgiving Eve 2017

November 22, 2017 | 6:30 PM
This informal, family-oriented service is a great way to start your holiday season!
Come and thank God for what He has done in your life this year. Through a time of sharing, scripture reading, song and prayer, we will give God praise and thanks for who He is and His faithfulness to us.
“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”  Colossians 3:17

[Sermon Series] God’s Expanding Grace

Romans 9-11

Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany on September 24, 1517 and launched the Protestant Reformation. His Bible-based teaching brought a new understanding of the justifying grace of God through the person and work of Jesus Christ. He emphasized the spiritual authority of Scripture. Sadly, the Reformation is connected to the persecution of Jews and Anabaptists.

Romans 9-11 will enhance our understanding of God and his plan for the ages. It will give us greater confidence in the gospel as we share it with others. It will clarify God’s role and ours in the plan of salvation. Worship the God of expanding grace!

October 14-15  “The Mystery of God” Romans 9:1-13

October 21-22 “Misunderstanding God” Romans 9:14-29 

October 28-29 “How Big Is God?” Romans 9:30-10:4

November 4-5 “How Big is God’s Heart?” Romans 10:4-13

November 11-12 “What Does God Want from Me?” Romans 10:14-21

November 18-19  “Surprises of Heaven” Romans 11:1-10

November 22 – Thanksgiving Eve Service

November 25-26 “Don’t Give Up Hope” Romans 11:11-32

December 2-3 “Our Gift to God” Romans 11:33-36

What to Expect


Warm Welcome

When you arrive at a weekend service, you’ll be greeted with a smile.  Our ushers will provide you with a program and help you find a seat.  If it’s your first time visiting us, we invite you to stop by our Ministry Desk so we can give you a small gift as our way of saying thanks for being our guest.

Casual & Family-Centered Atmosphere

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Worship Services

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As part of our worship service, we take time to give back to God a portion of the blessings he’s given us. The offering is for those who are part of the Stonebridge family. As our guest, we want to you sit back and enjoy the service — to receive rather than give. Please freely pass the plate along without feeling any obligation to contribute.


Get Connected to our Community! At Stonebridge Church we know that life is better when we share it with others. We believe LIFE Groups are key to developing as a Christian and taking your next step toward Jesus!

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We grieve with the people in Texas and surrounding areas over the damage and loss due to recent flooding.  We encourage everyone to continue to lift up this situation in prayer.  In addition, we invite all who wish to give to relief efforts to consider donating to the groups who are already set-up with emergency workers and systems in place.  Our recommended agencies include:
RED CROSS:  call 1-800-RED-CROSS or text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
SAMARITANS’ PURSE: Hurricane Harvey Donation Page
EFCA: ReachGlobal Crisis Response
(this site includes information on the ways in which your donation will provide aid)
Take a moment now to pray that those affected will feel God’s presence and take comfort in this verse:
“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am you God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10