Biblical Counseling Training

Biblical Counseling Training Conference

Jason Poling | Adult Ministry Pastor

Jason Poling | Adult Ministry Pastor

We have all experienced problems, pain and broken relationships. We also know others who have experienced them as well.  Since sin entered the world, all of humanity has had to deal with problems and pain. So where do we go for solutions and for answers? Where do we go to see lives changed?

Stonebridge Church believes the Word of God is our ultimate authority and it is sufficient for all things in life and godliness. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that only God’s Word can do the kind of heart surgery necessary to solve problems and restore broken relationships.

Pastor Jason Poling, Stonebridge Church | Adult Ministry Pastor


Members of the Stonebridge Counseling Ministry are part of the Eastern Iowa Biblical Counseling Coalition who is excited to partner with Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries by hosting their regional biblical counseling training in North Liberty.  This nationally recognized training will encourage you to believe that God’s Word is sufficient for solving today’s problems and equip you to counsel those who are hurting. We are honored to invite you to join us for this training that has equipped thousands of people to be men and women of the Word of God. This conference will greatly impact your life for His glory.

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