Authentic Community

Spiritual Goal 2015-2016:  Growing in Authentic Community

Join us to learn more about how the Bible instructs us on ways we can Grow in Authentic Community

As humans, we know we are always in need of growth.  In particular, when it comes to living together with others in unity.  God’s word clearly shows us that when we authentically live together, serving one another in love, we will be blessed with a rich community that is both good and pleasurable.  At Stonebridge Church, we desire to cultivate a healthy community based on unity and truth, where we are growing closer to Christ and each other by building authentic relationships.

September 27, 2015 “Growing in Grace” Pastor Jason Poling

Belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ is essential to authentic community because it is the only conduit for grace to produce true love in God’s people Sermon Notes

September 19-20, 2015 “Growing in Awe” Pastor Keith Knight

​God gives awesome growth to His church through the working of His Holy Spirit Sermon Notes

September 12-13, 2015 “Heart-Probing Questions” Pastor Robin Tyner

Jesus made disciples by asking heart-probing questions and telling lots of stories Sermon Notes

September 5-6, 2015 “Blessing” Pastor Jason Poling

​God will bless His people together when they serve and worship Him together as their Good Creator Sermon Notes

August 29-30, 2015 “Community” Pastor Randy Scheil

Since God provided the gift of unity to His children, we are to enjoy it and be diligent to preserve it Sermon Notes


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