Are You Missing Out?

by Melissa Hoyt

“And now Israel, what does the LORD your God require of you, but to fear the LORD your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.”  Deuteronomy 10:12

Are there any benefits to serving God in the church?  Are you missing out by not serving? Are there any blessings you are missing by not serving?  Have you ever thought, “Someone else will serve, I don’t need to”?

 I see so many people step out and serve the Lord through spending a couple hours a month serving in Stonebridge Kids.  Something happens when the volunteers grasp the love of God through serving children.  Nothing can stop by them from serving when they catch the passion for what God is doing around them and how He is using them.   Does it start out with passion?  Not necessarily?  But I have seen over and over again how someone steps out and says yes to the Lord through serving. It is a beautiful thing to witness when the Lord takes control of someone’s heart to draw them into serving.  Serving is an act of worship to God.

It’s so easy to think someone else will step up or that someone else will do it.  And God continues to provide, but I think sometimes we get in the way of letting God use someone else to serve that needs to.  I have seen it again and again that


It is amazing to see God work through those who serve Him in the church.  Let me suggest that you may be missing out if you are not serving in one way or another in the church.  I’m biased to children’s ministry and think everyone should serve with there, but there are so many areas in the church to serve.

I want to share a few examples of people serving in Stonebridge Kids to encourage you that God is continuing His Work through His people:

  • A gentleman who has served in many areas of ministry yet has chosen to help in the 2yr olds room this year.  He comes into teach a couple times a month and there is such a joy on his face.  I know the 2 yr. olds are blessed by him as much as he is blessed by the 2 yr. olds.  He stops by to see them even when it is not his week to serve.
  • Four amazing ladies stepping up to take charge of our volunteers on Wednesday nights and lead them in making disciples of the children who attend.
  • Elementary teachers who send personal notes to their children attending their class at the beginning of the year to share with them how excited they are to have them in class.
  • Teenagers who are serving with joy.  We have so many teens serving wholeheartedly with our children and they are faithful in serving regularly.
  • Lori, a Preschool/AK teacher- “I feel it is very important for our future generations to know and love God the way the Lord asks us to…I love the preschoolers with their honest and inquisitive minds…I connect with families I might not otherwise come to know.  It gives me a connection to the church I might not otherwise feel.”
  • Angela, a Wednesday Night Leader- “I felt God nudge me last fall to step up and serve in our children’s ministry…we have super busy weeks, but we realize that Wednesday nights at Stonebridge are more important than attending practices…We have gotten to know so many people and that is just one of the many benefits I’ve received…I love seeing the children learn more about Jesus.”
  • Terry, an Elementary teacher- “God called me.  It is as simple as that…relating the gospel to young children forces me to focus on the simple truth of it.  That is important for me as an adult…It certainly helped me in raising my own children to know the Lord.”
  • Kathy, a Wednesday Night Leader- “I serve because I love children and I want them to get to know Jesus…It gives me joy and peace to serve God in this way.”

God is working all around us….how often do you stop and see how He is working?  When you attend the next worship service, don’t rush away right after.  Stop and look around.  Who is serving?  Do you see joy on their faces as they serve?

Walk down the hallway and see God working through so many volunteers in Stonebridge Kids.  Grab a cup of coffee at the coffee bar from one of our volunteers.  Look around at who is taking the offering, passing out programs, or cleaning up trash.  You will be blessed by what God is doing!  And if you are not serving anywhere, ask God where He wants you to step out and serve.  You will be blessed and you won’t be missing out anymore!

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