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Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Messiah was the high point of chapter 8 and the apex of Mark’s Gospel. After Peter’s declaration on behalf of the twelve, Mark’s narrative is oriented toward the Cross and the Resurrection. 

What Peter declared in chapter 8 by faith, is now verified in chapter 9 by sight with the transfiguration. Jesus’ transfiguration gives a glimpse into his divine nature and his radiant glory. It’s immediately followed by continued struggle against evil, as Jesus heals a boy who has an unclean spirit.

Walk with Jesus to the ___________________ (Mark 9:2-8)

Walk down the mountain of ______________________ (Mark 9:9-13)

Mountaintop __________ encourage us in the __________ of life 

  • Mark 9:2-13
  • Mark 9:14-29
  • Mark 9:30-50

Scripture Reference: Mark 9:2-13
Main Idea: Listen to Jesus!


In Mark 9, Jesus takes three men to the mountain. Of all the places you might call “God’s country”, which one is your favorite for sight-seeing, camping, or strolling down memory lane? 

Read Mark 9:2-13. What is the connection between Jesus teaching in Mark 8:31-9:1, and this event? In light of what Jesus told the 12 disciples and the crowd, why do you think he revealed himself so gloriously just six days later? 


Read Mark 9:2-4. What must it have been like to be a disciple witnessing Jesus’ transformation? What is the significance of Moses’ and Elijah’s presence? Why did God choose these men to appear with Jesus? 

Read Mark 9:5-8. What was Peter’s response and why suggest three tents? When did God’s “voice” speak before (Mark 1:11)? What is the significance of God’s reply to Peter and that following the voice, the disciples saw only Jesus (9:8)? Why would God’s affirmation at this stage be important for Jesus and his ministry? 

Read Mark 9:9-13. Why did Jesus want to keep this incident a secret (9:9; 8:32)? Why did the disciples ask Jesus about Elijah? About whom was Jesus speaking when he said, “Elijah has come” (9:13)? 


What does it mean in your daily life to “listen to Jesus”? Why is this command important for pastors and Bible teachers? Why is it important for you? 

After the mountain, Jesus faces a challenge in the valley (read Mark 9:14-29). How are the words, “I believe; help my unbelief!” (9:24) relevant for your prayer life? What areas of your life are plagued with unbelief, and how might the Lord help you overcome them? 

Assignment: Listening to Jesus impacts the way we face life’s problems (9:14-29). It challenges our views of success and greatness (read Mark 9:30-50). Talk with your group about Mark 9:35. What will it mean for you this week to listen to Jesus and serve as he did?

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