Anchor in the Storm

God is our ANCHOR through the storms of life (Acts 27:1-44)

God’s gospel is accompanied by HEALING power (Acts 27:1-10)

God will OVERCOME every obstacle to get his gospel to the world (Acts 27:11-31)

What life lessons can we learn from the Acts of the Apostles?

  • Something to consider:
  • Something to believe:
  • Something to do

Discussion Guide:

Main Idea: God’s mission to proclaim the good news of Jesus is unstoppable, so share it!


Have you ever sailed on the ocean’s open seas? Have you ever been seasick? If you could take a cruise anywhere in the world, where would you go? Talk about these things with your group.

Read Acts 27:1-44. Consult a Bible map to follow Luke’s seafaring journal. How would you summarize what happened on this voyage to Rome?


In Acts 27, what roles did Paul fulfill on his journey? What did these actions teach his fellow shipmates about God, faith and Christianity? How was God’s promise to Paul about Rome fulfilled in ways Paul did not expect?

Read Acts 28:1-10. Describe the way Paul served the people of Malta. How have you seen Christians reach out to help people with physical and spiritual needs in the book of Acts?

Read Acts 28:11-31. How was Paul encouraged by others (28:11-16)? What was his greatest concern as he arrived in Rome (28:17-31)? What was the response to Paul’s teaching? How did he interpret that response (28:23-27; Isaiah 6:9-10)? Why was Paul confident in God’s salvation mission (28:28)?


When have you been caught in a “northeaster”? How might you imitate Paul’s attitude toward danger, stress and hardship in times of trouble?

How can you be like Paul and encourage others who feel “without hope” due to their stormy circumstances (Acts 27:20)? How can we apply this at our Angel Tree party on Saturday?

How does Acts 28:30-31 set the stage for your personal part in God’s mission? In what way will you help write the story of “Acts 29” in this season of the Stonebridge 404 initiative?

ASSIGNMENT: Discuss with your group: Why did Luke write this book? What is are the main lessons you’ve learned from our study of the early church? Apply Acts to your “head” (what to consider), “heart” (what to believe) and “hands” (what to do). How has this study changed the way you think, feel and behave? Pray for each other. Give praise to God for his unstoppable good news!

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