Accept One Another

“Grace Church” – A Series on Romans 12-16

The gospel of Christ not only brings good news of God’s grace for undeserving people, it also transforms the way we relate to each other and our world.

Title: Accept One Another

Summary: Christians are called to love each other in submission to Christ, regardless of personal convictions

Key Scripture: Romans 14:1-12


1. God welcomes the WEAK and the STRONG (1-4)
  • Application: we are SERVANTS not MASTERS

2. The point of our lives is Christ’s LORDSHIP (5-9)

  • Application: Christ should have the FINAL SAY in everything

3. All of us, weak and strong, will ANSWER to Jesus. (10-12)

  • Application: Assess your MOTIVES and ATTITUDE

Discussion Guide: 


What one thing spoke to your heart the most from the Word of God in these Scriptures?

What is the difference between ‘making a judgment’ and ‘being judgmental?’ How could understanding this difference improve relationships with those who disagree on certain matters?


Read Romans 14:1-4. What does Paul mean when he categorizes the groups of ‘weak’ and ‘strong?’ Is it wrong to set more restrictive boundaries in order to glorify Christ? Is it wrong to exercise more freedom in non-essential areas in order to glorify Christ? What is the difference between doctrine and opinion?

Read Romans 14:5-9. What were some of the disputes between the two groups of believers? What are some modern day ‘non-essential’ issues that Christians disagree over? Why is it important to ‘make up your mind’ on your personal decisions? Why Is every decision we make about glorifying Christ?

Read Romans 14:10-12. Why do we need to be reminded that Christ is our judge? Read 1 Cor. 3:12-15. How can this help us determine what to focus on in our lives?


What are some areas in which you have unfairly judged or looked down on others who have differing personal convictions?

What are practical ways I can encourage and support believers who disagree with me on non-essential Christian convictions?

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