A Tickler From God

“They can see the problem, but they don’t have the parts to fix it,”  I told my husband over the phone.  “They’ll order the part,” I continued, “but it could be 10-14 days before we hear back from them.”

“Ok,” my husband replied, disappointed that it would take so long to fix his favorite living room recliner. “Can you put a tickler in our electronic calendar so I remember to follow-up with them in a few weeks?”

The concept of a “tickler” caught my attention.

Tickles.  They can be the beginning of a playful interaction, or the consequences for teasing at the end of a long chase. Either way, they interrupt us, stop us, make us pause and deal with the matter at hand — our breathing changes, our heart rate speeds up, we burst with laughs of joy or shout “uncle” to make it stop. Sometimes they are expected, sometimes unexpected.  Either way, they change the pattern of our life at that moment.

As I was reading Isaiah 43 this morning, it made me think of how God “tickles us” and puts “ticklers” in our lives. Often we can read a passage of scripture and something will strike us at the moment.  We stop and consider how God is speaking to us.  Sometimes these tickles are joyful reassurances.  Sometimes they are painful convictions.  But either way we pause.

Then we often go on with our lives until one day, there is a “tickler” on our schedule.  We encounter something God has placed in our path as a “tickler” — a reminder of what we learned a short or long time ago when He “tickled” our hearts through His Word or our encounter with Him in some way.

It’s our choice to either ignore the “tickler” or to return to the matter and continue to learn more of what God wants to remind us about.

Where has God tickled you lately?  Have you paused to consider the joy or challenge He brings? Are you listening to His ticklers in your schedule?

Take a minute today to pause and consider what God has placed in your life as a reminder of His love for you and the ways He is challenging you to grow.

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