A ‘Sing-Along’ Faith

by Pastor Keith Knight

‘And they sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, “Great and amazing are your deeds, O Lord God the Almighty! Just and true are your ways, O King of the nations!’  Rev. 15:3

 Music is a very important part of our family dynamic. We love it. We believe that music is an amazing gift from the Lord, and at almost any time in our home, or car, or ears…there is music. In fact, we often find ourselves singing along to many songs as we jump into our van to go somewhere. It’s part of our life.

In fact, the idea of a ‘song’ is one that has a thread all throughout Scripture. There is an amazing and beautiful connection to the Lord and His goodness that can only be communicated through song. It is part, not only of our family experience, but the human experience. We find some pretty amazing ‘songs’ in the book of Revelation. In chapter 15, we find the people of God singing ‘the song of Moses, and the song of the Lamb.’ This is important. Don’t miss what’s happening here.

This is the song of God’s work on behalf of God’s people. This song, the song that Moses sang, is the same song of the conquering Lamb at the consummation of all history. It is a song of the greatness of God’s work through history, a song of justice and goodness and His kingdom that has been opened to Jews and Gentiles, the near and the far. This is, by far, the most EPIC song in the history of humanity. And it is a song that all believers should know, and sing along with. It is a song that we teach to our children, and can become the sweet sound of the redemption that humanity only finds in the sweet sacrifice of the Lamb. If this is the song of the redeemed, then it would be fitting for our families to learn it, take it to heart, and sing along with it now. Here’s how this might look in our families:

  1. Learn the lyrics – the songs of Scripture are simple, but rich in truth. We must spend time helping our kids understand the deep things of God, even if we are doing it in bite-sized pieces. It doesn’t take an hour lecture every day, but many times just short, easily remembered bursts of spiritual truth.
  2. Resources: Big Truths for Young Hearts by Bruce Ware; New City Catechism (ipad/iphone app) by Tim Keller/Redeemer
  3. Learn the tune – the thing that makes the song catchy is usually the WAY in which it is sung. This brings up the importance of making sure that faith in our homes isn’t about just memorization of facts, but a richness of life that is ‘catchy.’ Our kids need to see us joyfully living out of the depths of the rich theology we encounter in Scripture, and a rich communication in prayer with the Living God.
  4. Sing it Out – this is the part where we invite our kids to sing the song of faith with us. This is the daily living out the Gospel together. Ask your kids where they see brokenness in our community, and where the song of hope in Christ needs to be sung, and plan as a family to reach out to those who need the ‘new song’ that Christ puts in the hearts of those who trust in Him. How can we intentionally bless others and ‘sing out’ the Gospel with joy?

Truth is, the joy in singing together is not even about sounding perfect, but about loving the words of truth, the melody of love, and the unity in lifting our voices together. Oh, the hope and joy that the sweet song of salvation could bring, if we just learn to sing.

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