JT’s Story: A Prayer Warrior’s Answer

My name is Jason (JT) Sheehy and I’ve been attending Stonebridge for the last year. When I was growing up I was not raised in a religious home and I completely stopped going to church after the 6th grade. After getting married my wife and I attended church for a while, but I stopped going after we got a divorce.

Jason “JT” Sheehy

After our divorce I felt lost and always wanted to find a church where I felt comfortable. One day while I was working out at the Aspen I met Jerry Ask and he invited me to come to Stonebridge with him. I decided to try it and after coming I liked what I saw and heard and felt this is where I should be. I especially liked how the people were friendly and welcoming and they taught the Bible.

After attending Stonebridge for a few months I attended a men’s group that meets on Thursday mornings. I liked the interaction with the men and the good discussions we had together. It was also a great way to get to know other men in the church. I was also blown away when the man I was sitting next to the first Thursday I went told me he had been praying for me for a year. I didn’t know him and yet he knew some about my life and had been praying for me. That really got my attention!

After one of the Thursday morning meetings Pastor Robin and I met and I shared with him about my life. During our time together he showed me an illustration what the Bible says it means to be a Christian and what Jesus has done for me. I realized I needed God in my life, so I asked Him to forgive me and help me be the man He wants me to be.

Since that day I talk with God a whole lot more than I ever did, and I ask Him to guide my life. I also have more of a desire to read the Bible and I enjoy going to the worship services and the men’s group because they help me learn what it means to walk with God.

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