The Book of Esther

The book of Esther shows how God places people in particular places, at particular times, to accomplish His particular plans. It doesn’t reveal its author so we’re left to speculate who it might be, but one thing we do know is that the book clearly displays the providence of God. The story of this young woman’s courage is inspiring and encouraging! Join us as we take a journey through the Book of Esther this summer! 

June 3-4      “Denied!”              Esther 1

June 10-11   “Opportunity”    Esther 2

June 17-18    “Vengeance”      Esther 3

June 24-25   “Choices”             Esther 4

July 1-2          “Courage”          Esther 5

July 8-9         “Promoted”        Esther 6

July 15-16     “Exposed!”         Esther 7

July 22-23    “Reversal”          Esther 8

July 29-30    “Triumph”          Esther 9-10

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